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Red Bull Capture Point

Website stands as a testament to our expertise in creating engaging and immersive online experiences. This dynamic platform serves as the central hub for the innovative in-game content capture competition, Red Bull Capture Point. Designed and developed by our custom mobile app development team, this website plays a pivotal role in uniting PlayStation gamers, virtual photography enthusiasts, and fans of console gaming.

  • React apps
  • APIs
  • CMS Dashboard
  • React
  • AWS
Languages / Tools
  • React
  • PHP
  • Javascript

The development of the Red Bull Capture Point Website showcases our proficiency in crafting engaging digital platforms that resonate with diverse audiences. By bringing to life Red Bull’s vision of elevating virtual photography as an art form within the gaming landscape, we have contributed to the establishment of a unique and innovative competition that pushes the boundaries of creativity and engagement.

Project Goals

  • Develop a user-friendly and visually striking website to host the Red Bull Capture Point competition.
  • Enable PlayStation gamers to seamlessly participate in the competition by capturing and submitting in-game content.
  • Create a dynamic and interactive space that showcases the artistry of virtual photography within gaming.


Our team set out to create a comprehensive website that effortlessly integrates with the gaming experience and facilitates user participation. The Red Bull Capture Point website serves as the go-to resource for gamers to understand the competition, submit their entries, and stay updated on the latest developments.

Red Bull Capture Point

Red Bull Capture Point microsite

Key Features

  • Intuitive User Interface: We designed a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate interface that ensures a seamless user experience for participants.
  • Submission Mechanism: Our development included a robust system that allows gamers to capture in-game content on their PlayStation consoles and submit their entries directly to Twitter, streamlining the submission process.
  • Category Management: The website is designed to accommodate multiple categories, each open for a specific period, enhancing the competition’s variety and engagement.
  • Real-time Updates: Participants can access real-time updates about the ongoing categories, submission guidelines, and event details, keeping them engaged and informed.
  • Gallery Event Promotion: The website effectively promotes the live gallery event where the best images are showcased, offering participants a tangible reward for their creativity. 


The Red Bull Capture Point Website serves as a bridge between the gaming world and virtual photography, bringing together a community of enthusiasts to celebrate artistry within gaming. Our development efforts have ensured a seamless experience for participants, allowing them to focus on creating captivating in-game captures without any technical hindrances.