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NFT Marketplace

Introducing our groundbreaking achievement, Tr0ve, the pioneer of cross-blockchain NFT wallets and marketplaces. Here, users can seamlessly display, rent, purchase, sell, and engage in the trading of their cherished digital collectibles. This NFT marketplace development innovation spans across more than 10 diverse blockchains and platforms, encompassing illustrious entities such as Marvel and DC comic NFTs.

  • blockchain, NFTs
  • iOS, tvOS, Android apps
  • React Web
  • NFT Marketplace development
  • Wax, Ethereum, Veve
  • Palm, Flow, Inmutable X
  • OpenSea, Recur, Solana
  • AWS
Languages / Tools
  • React, Javascript, Node
  • Swift, Kotlin, Java
  • MYSQL, Laravel, Php
  • Python, Solidity

Tr0ve’s monumental task was constructing a unified platform accommodating limitless NFT blockchains, wallets, smart contracts, APIs, and protocols. The vision? Empower users to converge their NFT and crypto wallets into a singular, user-friendly DApp. Here, tracking, trading, purchasing, displaying, and enhancing digital collectibles and NFTs becomes fluid, unlocking boundless utility.

Problem to Solve

The world of digital collectibles, particularly in the context of NFT marketplace development, was marred by fragmentation, complexity, and a lack of user-friendly platforms. NFT enthusiasts faced challenges in managing their collections across various blockchains and platforms, often requiring extensive technical knowledge to navigate the intricacies of the blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, existing marketplaces catered primarily to seasoned crypto enthusiasts, alienating the broader audience.

Creators and collectors alike yearned for a unified solution that would simplify the process of showcasing, trading, and valuing their digital assets, especially within the realm of NFT marketplace development. They sought a platform that would transcend blockchain barriers, making it effortless to own, trade, and enjoy NFTs from diverse sources and genres, including popular comic brands like Marvel and DC.


Cross-Blockchain NFT Wallet

Our solution aimed to unify the fragmented NFT landscape by enabling users to effortlessly display, rent, purchase, sell, and trade their digital collectibles across a diverse array of more than 10 blockchains and platforms, emphasizing our expertise in NFT marketplace development. For the first time, users could seamlessly interact with their prized digital assets from various sources, including highly sought-after Marvel and DC comic NFTs.

Our software development agency embarked on a transformative journey in NFT marketplace development to address the challenges faced by digital collectible enthusiasts. We envisioned a comprehensive solution that would redefine NFT ownership and trading, catering to both crypto experts and newcomers. The result was the creation of the industry’s first cross-blockchain NFT wallet and marketplace – a game-changing platform with a myriad of groundbreaking features.

Mobile App  Portfolio - Trove

NFT Gallery

The platform introduced an exquisite Pinterest-style gallery, offering a visually appealing showcase for users’ NFT collections. Each piece was enhanced with additional metadata, including “first on blockchain” indicators and rarity information, enriching the storytelling experience behind each digital collectible.

Mobile App Development Portfolio - Trove

Physical NFT Display on TVOS

We pushed the boundaries further by enabling users to display their NFTs on LCD monitors and TVs via the TV OS App, truly bringing their digital assets to life. Users simply connect all of their NFT and digital collectible platforms and wallets to tr0ve, then users can display them on their physical displays using the tr0ve app on TVOS.

Displaying digital collectibles on TVOS is just the start. Soon we will be releasing the tr0ve display app on Samsung TVs as well as other Android smart TVs.

Mobile App Development Portfolio - Trove

NFT Marketplace Development

We prioritized accessibility, creating a marketplace that requires no prior crypto knowledge. Our platform integrates user-friendly payment methods such as Paypal, Stripe, and in-app purchases, eliminating barriers for those new to the world of cryptocurrencies. This approach opened the door to a wider audience, democratizing digital collecting for all. For more advanced users, purchasing NFTs using traditional crypto wallets such as metamask is an option as well.

Additionally, the marketplace is chain agnostic, meaning that we seamlessly sell NFTs from any and all platforms in a single place.

Mobile App Design Portfolio - Trove

Innovative Digital Signatures and Ownership Verification

Artists and creators found new avenues for expression as our platform facilitated the signing of NFT comic books and collectibles. Digital signatures were minted onto our unique smart contract as NFTs, validating authenticity and adding value. Furthermore, we extended NFT ownership verification through a third-party API or the convenience of an Apple Tr0ve card scan.

Innovative Digital Signatures and Ownership - Trove

Portfolio Value

Additionally, the tr0ve platform allows users to track the value of their portfolios over time, utilizing advanced algorithms that consider multiple factors, from mint numbers and sales history to floor prices and digital signatures. Sales data is aggregated from a combination of scraping scripts, apis and blockchain data. All blockchain portfolio values are tracked and graphed so that a user can see values for individual or combined platforms.

Innovative Digital Signatures Portfolio Value

Mobile App

Tr0ve works cross-platform on iOS, Android, TVOS and web. Blockchains, NFT Metadata and payment systems are all synchronized. A user can purchase an NFT on iOS using the iOS app store purchasing system and the NFT will appear on the web as well. Or on the other end, a user can purchase an NFT on Open Sea using crypto and it will appear in the iOS and TVOS apps automatically.

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Our journey in the realm of NFT marketplace development to revolutionize the digital collectibles space culminated in the creation of a cross-blockchain NFT wallet and marketplace that transcends limitations, breaks barriers, and introduces accessibility to all. By addressing the challenges of fragmentation and complexity within the NFT marketplace development, we have reshaped the NFT landscape, enabling enthusiasts to seamlessly engage with their digital treasures while expanding the horizons of digital collecting. Our case study showcases not just a technological achievement but a fundamental shift in the way we interact with and appreciate digital assets.