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Introducing Mayv, your destination for pain management CBD products. Accessible via iOS, Android, and web platforms, Mayv offers a comprehensive pain management solution. From an engaging marketing page to a seamless checkout process, experience the convenience of shopping and purchasing premium CBD products in one place.

  • iOS App
  • Web app
  • Backend Apis
  • React
  • iOS, Android
Languages / Tools
  • Node JS
  • React
  • Swift

In today’s omnichannel landscape, offering consumers a seamless experience across various touchpoints is paramount. For Mayv, a brand providing both physical products and premium digital content, bridging their website and mobile app became the cornerstone of offering unified and value-added services to their clientele. This is the tale of how we addressed challenges and delivered a streamlined solution for Mayv’s digital ecosystem.


Several challenges needed resolution to fulfill Mayv’s objectives:

Diverse Platforms

With Mayv’s website built on WordPress utilizing the WooCommerce plugin, and the mobile app supported by a separate backend developed in Node hosted on Firebase, integrating these disparate systems was paramount.

Unified User Experience

Users purchasing products or subscriptions on the website should automatically gain access to premium content on the mobile app without additional charges.

Data Synchronization

Ensuring that purchase data from the WordPress website is consistently and accurately relayed to the mobile backend, ensuring rightful access to premium content for eligible users.

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Our team formulated a strategic roadmap to tackle these challenges:

API Integration

We designed and exposed a new API within the WordPress backend. This would allow the mobile backend to fetch all pertinent details related to a user’s purchase history. The addition of the ‘Order history endpoint’ facilitated this data exchange.

User Account Consistency

By leveraging Ultimate Member for both platforms — the WordPress plugin for the site and its counterpart for the mobile app — we maintained consistent user accounts, ensuring that privileges granted on one platform would seamlessly reflect on the other.

Real-time Communication

Ensured timely and real-time communication between the WordPress and mobile backends. This was pivotal to keep the mobile backend updated and informed about user purchase activities on the website.

Key Features

  • Unified User Profiles: Thanks to Ultimate Member, user profiles remained consistent across both platforms.
  • Seamless Premium Content Access: Purchases on the website automatically unlocked premium content on the mobile app, enhancing user experience and value proposition.
  • Robust API for Data Retrieval: The ‘Order history endpoint’ ensures the mobile backend can fetch user purchase history as needed, aiding in providing accurate access privileges.


Through strategic planning and technological prowess, we bridged the gap between Mayv’s WooCommerce-driven website and its Node-backed mobile app. The end result is a harmonious ecosystem where users enjoy a unified and enriched experience, irrespective of their interaction touchpoint. By ensuring real-time data synchronization and consistent user profiles, we’ve positioned Mayv to offer unparalleled value to its users, enhancing loyalty and driving engagement.