What’s New for Developers in Vision OS 2.0

During the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2024 event in Cupertino, Apple introduced updates to Vision OS, the operating system used on the Vision Pro. The update from Vision OS to Vision OS 2.0 includes improvements in productivity and introduces new immersive experiences.

The newest version of Vision OS 2.0 is set to change spatial computing. It will give developers many new tools and features. This update will inspire creativity, allowing developers to make immersive and interactive apps. 

In this article, we’ll look at the exciting new features in Vision OS 2.0 and see how developers can use them to create amazing app experiences that will make a big impact. 

So, let’s get started! 


Apple introduced Vision OS 2 during the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10. It is expected to be released later in 2024, probably in September.

Apple Vision Pro’s spatial computing capabilities are elevated with visionOS 2.0. This update allows users to relive and share memories in exciting new ways, immerse themselves more fully in entertainment and work experiences, and navigate effortlessly with new gestures. 

Vision OS 2.0 for Developers

Apple has just launched Vision OS 2.0 for developers. This update brings new AI features and improves how apps interact across different platforms. Apple’s Vision OS 2.0 update introduces a range of new APIs and frameworks that empower developers to create even more engaging and interactive app experiences for the Vision OS 2.0. Some key enhancements include:

Volumetric and Shareable Apps

Vision OS 2.0 offers developers new tools to enhance spatial computing, making it easier to create immersive and shareable app experiences with volumetric capabilities. Developers can integrate 3D objects into spaces more easily with advanced volumetric APIs in Vision OS 2.0. 

TabletopKit for Collaborative Apps

Vision OS 2.0 makes it easier for developers to create apps for the Vision Pro. It includes new tools like volumetric APIs for running two apps simultaneously, a game development kit called TabletopKit for games on flat surfaces, such as board games, and new APIs tailored for enterprise applications. 

Enterprise-Focused APIs

Vision OS 2.0 introduces new APIs tailored for enterprise use cases in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, etc. Developers can leverage these tools to build specialized apps that improve day-to-day operations and workflows. 

New Gestures and Navigation

Vision OS 2.0 also introduces new hand gestures that make it easier for users to navigate the operating system and access important information at a glance. These gestures provide a more intuitive and natural way for users to interact with their devices, and open up new possibilities for developers to create innovative app experiences.

For instance, pinching with your palm facing upward navigates you to the Home screen, while pinching with your palm turned downward reveals a screen displaying the time, volume, and battery level.

Visual Display 

Vision OS 2.0 expands the “virtual display” on the Vision Pro to the size of two 4K displays placed next to each other. This enlargement provides developers with more screen space, enhancing their ability to create detailed and sophisticated app interfaces.

Enhancing Memories with Vision OS 2.0

Apple’s Vision OS 2.0 introduces the ability to transform 2D photos into immersive spatial photos, offering users new ways to connect with your most important memories. 

For developers, this feature opens up opportunities to create apps that leverage these advanced photo capabilities, enriching user experiences by providing more engaging and interactive ways to revisit their memories. 

Integrating this functionality into their applications can make them more appealing and innovative, attracting a broader user base.

Staying Up-to-Date Benefits Developers

For developers working on applications for the Apple Vision OS 2.0, staying up-to-date with the latest Vision OS 2.0 updates is paramount. By adopting the new features and capabilities introduced in Vision OS 2.0, developers can unlock a wealth of opportunities to enhance their spatial computing experiences.

Firstly, the performance optimizations and technical advancements in Vision OS 2.0 enable developers to create apps that run more smoothly and efficiently. 

Secondly, VisionOS 2.0 introduces a host of new APIs, frameworks, and tools that allow developers to integrate cutting-edge spatial features and functionalities into their applications. 

Developers’ Guide to Vision OS 2.0 Updates

During its WWDC event, Apple introduced a range of new Apple Intelligence features primarily for the iPhone and iPad. Notably, significant updates were also announced for the Vision Pro, enhancing its capabilities for augmented reality applications.

Developers looking to access the latest Vision OS 2.0 updates need to link their Apple ID to their developer account to receive over-the-air updates. 

If you don’t have a developer account yet, you can create one on Apple’s developer website to ensure your devices receive the latest beta updates associated with your Apple ID. This step is essential for developers looking to explore and integrate the advanced features and tools offered by Vision OS 2.0 into their applications. 


Vision OS 2.0 represents a significant upgrade announced at Apple’s WWDC 2024 event, focusing on enhancing the Vision Pro’s capabilities for augmented reality applications. This update introduces new tools and features aimed at empowering developers to create immersive and interactive app experiences. 

With advancements like new AI features, improved app interactions across platforms, and enhancements in navigation and display capabilities, Vision OS 2.0 sets a new standard for spatial computing. Developers can leverage these innovations to build cutting-edge applications that offer seamless user experiences and capitalize on the latest in spatial technology.

Whether you’re an experienced app developer or just starting out, Vision OS 2.0 offers many opportunities for you to create amazing apps. Apple’s latest software update comes with new tools and features that can help you build better apps.

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