The most-anticipated iOS 17, the latest Apple mobile operating system, is within our reach now. This new update has emerged with a lot of exciting features that can take your development skills to the next level. From testing to user engagement, iOS 17 has numerous enhancements. It provides endless opportunities for creation and optimization of applications.

So, here we’ll discuss everything great about this new update and how an iOS developer can leverage it for the best user experience.  

New Exciting Features

iOS 17 introduces a slew of exciting features that can make your daily smartphone usage more enjoyable and efficient. By upgrading to iOS 17, you can take advantage of the latest app features and optimizations. This can enhance your overall app experience, from social media and productivity tools to entertainment and gaming. For instance, the Live Voicemail feature transcribes the voicemail in real time. Besides, the call will be recorded and displayed on the lock screen of the user’s phone. 

StandBy Mode is another great addition to the iOS family. When you place your phone horizontally while charging, it enables a Standby Mode. It turns the iPhone screen into a clock, an information center, or a calendar with widget smart stacks. iPhones now also associate StandBy Mode settings of your choice with specific MagSafe docks. 

Enhanced Security

Security plays a big part in Apple’s yearly updates, and iOS is no exception. It has plenty of features to keep your data safe. Link Tracking Protection is an effective way to prevent websites and apps from tracking your device. 

Your safety in communication just got a lot stronger. Now, Communication Safety extends its protective shield to sensitive videos and photos, no matter how you receive them – whether through AirDrop, Contact Posters, the systemwide photo picker, or FaceTime messages.

You have the option to add an extra layer of privacy by blurring sensitive photos and videos before you open them, thanks to the Sensitive Content Warning feature. This means you can control what you see and maintain your peace of mind.

Furthermore, Lockdown Mode has been beefed up to offer you added protection against advanced cyber threats.

Safari Gets More Private

Safari browser has become even more improved to remove tracking data from web addresses and protect the unique identification of your device. 

Safari browser lets users create multiple profiles, like work and personal, to keep their browsing habits separate. In addition, Private Browsing tabs demand re-authentication after every 15 minutes. This is to ensure your browsing tabs are hidden when your phone is in another hand.  Remember that you need to enable this feature in the setting, so don’t assume that your tabs are automatically secured. 

Widgets & Live Activities

The new iOS 17 updates bring more useful interactivity to widgets and live widgets. You can make your existing widgets look great on StandBy on iPhone, on a desktop on PC, and on the lock screen on iPad. Besides, simply tapping on a widget allows you to perform various tasks, such as marking off a to-do item, adjusting your living room lighting, or starting a fresh podcast episode. This newfound interactivity brings even more convenience to your daily smartphone experience.

Bug Fixes and Stability

Every iOS update comes with bug fixes and stability improvements. If you’ve been encountering issues or glitches on your current iOS version, you need an upgrade. 

Since the software launched last month, you might have noticed it has gone through a lot of iOS updates. This is possible because Apple is continuously making improvements in fixing bugs and security issues. So, the latest update focuses on reducing the risks ogf bugs and crashes.

Speed & Responsiveness

The new iOS is optimized to deliver enhanced performance, making your device more responsive and efficient. From app launches to seamless animations, this new iOS upgrade is focused on providing snappy user experience.

So, updating to the latest iOS 17 version increases the speed and performance of your devices, whether you are multi-tasking, gaming, or just scrolling the browser. 

What New for Apple Developers

This new iOS upgrade has reshaped the iOS app development, enabling developers to create more engaging apps. 


This year, SwiftUI introduces enhanced support for more detailed animations featuring phases and keyframes. It also offers a simplified and improved way to manage data flow between views, thanks to the new Observable annotation.


With SwiftData, you can define your data models using plain Swift code, eliminating the need for custom editors. This framework takes care of handling relationships between data, provides undo/redo functionality, syncs with iCloud, and offers a host of other features. 


iOS 17 has enhanced the Xcode as well, that allows improved code completion, live animations, and interactive previews, boosting both design and coding tasks. Besides, you can deploy to the App Store and TestFlight with XCode Cloud. So, the coding and code review process has become optimized with the new features. 

In-app purchase

Making in-app purchases and managing subscriptions securely across Apple platforms is now simpler than before, thanks to StoreKit Views. You can present service descriptions, prices, and subscription durations to users clearly and concisely, all while keeping your code to a minimum. 

App Shortcuts

You can enhance the visibility of your apps by allowing easy access to essential features through Spotlight searches. The updated design ensures that app shortcuts are executed seamlessly. Besides, the introduction of natural language capabilities allows for voice-activated commands.

Final Words

The features of iOS 17 are tailor-made for iOS development. The iOS landscape is continuously expanding, so it is wise for app developers to harness these upgrades. This transition will help in enhancing user experience and integrating APIs and frameworks.

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