The anticipation surrounding the Apple Vision Pro is reaching a fever pitch as Apple Inc. gears up to launch its groundbreaking mixed-reality headset. The announcement was made on June 5, 2023, at the Worldwide Developers Conference. 

It marked a significant stride for Apple into a new frontier. Slated for release in the United States in early 2024, followed by an international rollout later in the same year, the Vision Pro is set to be Apple’s first major product in a new category since the Apple Watch debuted in 2015.

At Frame Sixty, we have started developing apps for the new highly anticipated Vision Pro App store. Some apps we have ported from existing iOS apps and code bases whereas others, we are building from the ground up.

The Spatial Computer Experience

Apple boldly positions the Vision Pro as a “spatial computer,” a device that seamlessly integrates digital media with the physical world. This XR headset incorporates cutting-edge features like motion gestures, eye tracking, and voice input to create an immersive user experience. Users can interact with the system in ways that were once confined to the realms of science fiction.


At the core of the Apple Vision Pro experience is vision OS, a specialized derivative of iOS designed explicitly for extended reality applications. This operating system not only marks a departure from traditional interfaces but also signifies Apple’s commitment to creating a unique and tailored ecosystem for mixed-reality experiences. 

The Vision Pro can function independently, booting up Vision OS to run its own suite of extended reality apps. Additionally, it offers wireless connectivity to Mac computers, providing users with a seamless transition between devices.

The World of Apple Vision Pro Apps

The impending launch of the Apple Vision Pro is ushering in a new era of virtual reality experiences, offering developers an unprecedented array of features to explore and integrate into their applications. 

As the excitement builds around the capabilities of the Vision Pro, it’s crucial to explore the diverse landscape of apps that will define the user experience.

Let’s dive into the unique capabilities that set the Vision Pro apart and illuminate the opportunities it brings to the app development landscape.

The Revolutionary M2 Chip

At the heart of the Apple Vision Pro lies a computing powerhouse reminiscent of a new MacBook, featuring the revolutionary M2 chip. This blend of cutting-edge hardware, coupled with the additional R1 chip for cameras, microphones, and sensors, empowers developers to harness substantial computing power. 

The device is more than just a headset; it’s a platform capable of running complex applications and authoring tools, rivaling the capabilities of a laptop.

Immersive Display

The Apple Vision Pro boasts a 4K micro-OLED per eye, providing a remarkable 100°-120° field of view. This high-resolution display isn’t just for personal use; it can substitute a set of large monitors or even project a colossal 100-ft screen. 

The video passthrough feature ensures a lag-free view of the real world with an impressive 12ms lag, offering developers the canvas to create truly immersive experiences.

Crafting User Interfaces with Vision Pro

The Vision Pro doesn’t just redefine hardware; it introduces innovative approaches to user interfaces (UI) with support for traditional 2D UI components. Using SwiftUI, developers can create beautiful and highly usable 2D Windows, enriched with depth effects. 

The possibilities extend beyond traditional UI, with support for static 3D objects on top of windows, making it an excellent platform for product presentations.

Rich 3D Content and Volumes

Developers exploring 3D content will find a playground in Vision Pro’s support for volumes through RealityKit. These 3D Windows, or Volumes, allow for animations, physics simulation, particle effects, and more. 

The device supports RealityKit and Unity frameworks, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with a wide array of 3D content creation tools.


Incorporating a Spaces feature, the Vision Pro allows apps to take over the full screen, providing an immersive experience akin to full-screen mode on desktop computers. Users can control the immersion level with the Digital Crown, defining whether the app operates in full passthrough mode, full VR mode, or a progressive mode with Digital Crown control.

Human-Centric Controls

The Vision Pro introduces a human-centric approach to controls, utilizing eye gaze for pointing and hand gestures for action. Developers can integrate machine learning models to recognize hand gestures or opt for voice commands for enhanced convenience.

Real World Sensing and AI Integration

ARKit takes center stage in sensing and recognizing the real world, offering features like environment meshing, object recognition, and integration with 3D object physics. Developers can also leverage Apple’s artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to create intelligent and responsive applications.

With the Apple Vision Pro, you’re equipped with an arsenal of tools and features that redefine the boundaries of mixed reality. The convergence of cutting-edge hardware, specialized operating systems, and innovative UI/UX paradigms opens a realm of possibilities for crafting immersive and groundbreaking apps. 

Opportunities for App Developers

Being among the first to develop and launch apps for the Apple Vision Pro presents a unique advantage. Early adopters often enjoy greater visibility in the app store, providing an opportunity to establish a strong presence and gain a competitive edge.

The versatility of the Apple Vision Pro opens doors to a wide array of app categories. From entertainment and gaming to education, healthcare, and beyond, developers have the chance to explore diverse markets and cater to a broad audience.

The Vision Pro’s spatial design, coupled with motion gestures, eye tracking, and voice input, paves the way for developers to create truly innovative and immersive user experiences. Crafting apps that leverage these features can set a developer apart in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

For developers looking to turn their ideas into reality, collaborating with a seasoned augmented reality agency like Frame Sixty is a strategic move. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or someone with a groundbreaking idea but lacking coding skills, Frame Sixty is ready to collaborate. We specialize in turning concepts into reality, navigating the complexities of AR development to ensure your vision shines on the Apple Vision Pro. 

As Apple’s Vision Pro prepares to reshape the landscape of mixed reality, Frame Sixty invites you to be part of this transformative journey. Let Frame Sixty be your trusted partner in crafting extraordinary AR experiences for the Apple Vision Pro. 

In a world where innovation knows no bounds, your vision becomes the gateway to the extraordinary!


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