Augmented Reality

Spark AR is powerful augmented reality software that allows Facebook and Instagram users to create different types of augmented reality effects.

It’s fair to say that the tool has been developed with AR artists and developers in mind.

With Spark AR Studio, you’ll be able to create and share augmented reality experiences that can be used by the apps and devices of the Facebook family. It’s worth noting that program comes with many great features and creates endless opportunities for augmented reality developers.

Spark AR has gained a huge popularity among brands, companies as well as influencers. They prefer to use augmented reality filters to create highly impressive virtual content for their marketing strategies.

Content plays an important role in a brand promotion strategy. The reality is, AR filters make it possible for companies to promote their branded content in an efficient way.

The software comes with the augmented reality filters that can be used for creating the engaging content for Facebook and Instagram.

The Role Augmented Reality Plays in Social Media Promotion 

According to the statistics, more than 43.7 million of Americans use augmented reality on social networks at least once per month.

The statistics also shows that about 20.8% of social network users take advantage of augmented reality.

Augmented reality has gained a huge popularity on many social media platforms. AR effects play a very important role in the success of a social media marketing strategy. Social media users have a free access to AR filters. Spark AR Studio provides AR developers with plenty of room for creativity.

It’s worth noting that the popular social platforms have rolled out new augmented reality features. We all know that Facebook has recently introduced augmented reality advertising. Instagram has rolled out the so called try-on features.

It’s also important to note that the apps of some social media platforms come with try-on feature. Online shoppers prefer to use the try-on feature when buying products like sunglasses, makeup, shoes and other types of products.

It’s expected that the new AR features will be available on other social platforms in the future as well. More and more businesses and marketers choose to invest in AR. That’s why number of companies that use the Spark AR program is constantly growing.

Different Types of AR Studio Effects

The Spark AR program provides all the necessary tools that AR developer needs to create, publish, manage and test the performance of augmented reality effects on Facebook and Instagram.

Face tracking effects. You can take advantage of Spark AR Studio when it’s necessary to make changes to the shape on people’s faces. The software also allows users to add head turning effect as well as retouching effect to faces.

Sync effects with movement. This effect is used when it’s necessary to add body movements and hand movements to a subject.  

World effects. Initially, the scene is made. At the next step, a scene can be taken to another place. Virtual objects can be added to the scene. After that, the subjects can be transported to new environments together.

Connect effects. The effect involves using objects as well as places. The effect is created when the plane tracker is used to place an object in a fixed position in the environment.

Effects of taking people to new places. This effect involves using different backgrounds for a person. Backgrounds are constantly replaced with new ones. It looks like a person is separated from a background and transported to a new place.

Key Features of Spark AR Studio

Developers find it easy to create any type of AR project with Spark AR program.

The software comes with a large collection of augmented reality assets. These include:

  • 3D objects
  • Audio file
  • Patch assets
  • Textures
  • Blocks
  • Script packages

AR developers can make use of these features to add animation as well as logic to their objects. There are also plenty of materials that can be used for creating the object’s scene.

3D objects come in a vast variety of shapes. So, you’ll get the access to a large selection of 3D models. You can pick one of these 3D models and then use it for creating various AR effects in the Spark AR studio. яндекс

Developers can use different types of music and sounds in their AR effects. Audio files fall into 3 different categories:

  1. Music
  2. Sound effects
  3. Ambient sounds

Different types of music can be added to AR effects. These include: music loops, musical stingers as well as instrument elements. Ambient sounds as well as sound effects are also worth considering.

Explore all of your options carefully and select the audio files which are more to your liking.

Spark AR also comes with a collection of environment textures. Keep in mind that you can take advantage of these textures if you would like to add image-based lighting to your objects.

Let’s say that you frequently use the certain part of a project. In this case, you can save it as a block. After that, you will be able to export blocks to other your projects.

You’ll find it easy to expand your code’s functionality with script packages.

Different types of ready-made patch graphs are available for AR projects, including animation, shades as well as utilities. Use these types of patch assets when it’s necessary to add animation, visual effects and various functions to your AR projects.

A library provides augmented developers with everything they need to create AR effects. So, you’ll find it easy to turn your augmented reality ideas into reality. It’s also important to note that Spark AR studio constantly expands its library of AR assets.

Testing Spark AR Studio Effects

Oftentimes, augmented reality effects created by the Spark AR program look differently on Facebook and Instagram. That’s why it’s so important to test AR effects before downloading them to social media platforms.

The program comes with the so called Test on Device feature. Such a feature provides creators with an opportunity to test their augmented reality effects on Facebook cameras and on Instagram cameras. As a result, AR developer can see how effects will look like.

Frame Sixty Specializes in Spark AR Filters

It’s important to know that creating Instagram and Facebook AR filters with Spark AR studio is no easy task.

Obviously, this type of work requires the certain knowledge, skills as well as experience. So, it would be better to leave the creation of Spark AR filters to real professionals.

At Frame Sixty, we have huge experience in developing Spark AR filters that can be used to create various augmented reality effects for Facebook and Instagram.

For many years, our engineers have been developing augmented reality filters for companies that choose to use the Spark AR program.

With these AR filters, you will be able to do many different things with Spark AR. Among the things that you can do with our AR filters are: example 3D world interactions, hand tracking, face tracking for face filters and more.

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